welcome to an avocado a day!

What started out as a fun idea among friends is now materializing into what we hope to be an entertaining and informative blog space. We are four Naturopathic Medical students who are eager to share great health strategies, which we come across everyday. We thought we might as well share the wealth of great ideas. Our posts will be a mix of health tips, hot topics, personal interests and everything else in between!

So why an avocado? An avocado contains 13 vitamins that are essential for our bodies optimal health, which include vitamins A, C, D, E, K and the B vitamins. Avocados are also a great source of monounsaturated fat which has been shown to decrease cholesterol levels. The mighty avocado proves to be a health building powerhouse!

Whenever possible, we will include references and/or links to research articles we used to help us formulate our posts. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or email us at anavocadoaday@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting an avocado a day. We hope that you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoy posting!

Yours in health,

Christine Cho
Kate Kokoski
Nadia Kumentas
Jamie Smellie

Don't forget to check out the about us page for more information about the an avocado a day team!


Elf said...

Time to get the guac production on the go!

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