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It is officially fall: the clocks have been turned back and every store is filled with holiday decorations. This is one of the busiest times of year and it is so easy to forget to take care of yourself. With the holiday season lurking around the corner I thought it would be a great time to re-visit the ‘detox’

I have completed numerous detoxes throughout the years:  Wild Rose, juice cleanses, the Master Cleanse, Integrative Therapeutics detox and the elimination or oligoantigenic diet. Personally, I enjoy the elimination diet, as it is easy to follow, requires no additional supplements or botanicals (herbs) and you can remain on it for as long as you like.

One of the hardest things I find about detoxing is figuring out what to eat, as it is so easy to have a mundane diet. When detoxing most people tend to focus on all the foods they cannot have instead of focusing on all the new foods they can have!  Some examples of ways to avoid getting stuck in a detox rut include:
  • Trying new vegetables, fruits and grains.
  • Trying a raw food restaurant: almost all of their meals will be gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and corn free.
  • Asking for more options:  a lot of restaurants now have vegan and gluten free options – just ask!
I always find the first three days the most challenging as your body is adjusting to the lack of sugar, caffeine, simple carbohydrates and processed foods. If you can make it through the first three days then you are golden!
Detox Tips:
  • Start slow; choose a detox you know you can complete; even if it means starting with a 5-day detox
  • Do it with a friend or family member
  • Try eliminating one food category at a time (gluten, dairy, caffeine, refined sugars, peanuts, corn or soy)
  • Be prepared! Plan your meals and snacks  
  • Know your weaknesses and try to avoid them so you are not tempted to cheat
  • Prepare meals and snacks in advance  -I cook two different meals Sundays, which makes enough food for 5 days and there is also variety
  • Check every food label– you would be surprised all the places common food allergies/triggers can hide (eg. Caramel coloring has gluten in it; Casein and Whey contain dairy)
Easy food swaps:
  • Wheat pasta – try brown rice or quinoa pasta (make sure you rinse these with cold water once cooked)
  • Cow’s Milk – try almond, coconut, soy or rice milk
  • White rice- try brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat or millet  
  • Peanut butter- try almond butter, apple butter, cashew butter or any other nut/seed butter - there are tons of options out there! 
  • Coffee- try herbal teas
  • Wheat Crackers- try rice crackers, rice cakes or bean crackers (watch out for corn in gluten-free crackers!)
  • Dips – try making your own hummus or guacamole (minus the Worcestershire sauce)
  • Soda Pop – try carbonated water (Perrier or soda water with a cucumber, lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit or any other fruit can be tasty.  Some detoxes require you cut out all citrus except for lemon, but you can always try our apple cinnamon water)  
5 reasons why I think everyone should try a detox:
  1. Challenge yourself
  2. Experiment with new foods
  3. Become more in-tune with your body
  4. Increase your energy
  5. Learn how great you feel when you eat whole-foods

Best of luck!
I would love to hear about your detoxing experiences so please leave a comment!  

best in health,

kate kokoski


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