Video Blog: The Chili Cook Off!

We thought it was about time we tried to get our first video blog up and running.  So after brainstorming some ideas of what we thought our debut video should be, Jamie and I both decided that it would be fun to have a chili cook off of sorts!  So with no script and one very long take, we were able to create what you are about to watch. Continue reading for the video! 
Just a word of warning:  The idea of the video wasn't really to teach you how to make chili with our sub-par cooking show skills!  It's more of a hang-out with Nadia and Jamie (and their cats) if anything, and we promise to hone our video blogging skills a bit more for next time!  Enjoy!

For Jamie's Turkey Chili recipe Click Here!

Best in Health,
an avocado a day

P.S. stay tuned: Nadia’s vegetarian chili recipe with swiss chard, butternut squash, and portobello mushrooms coming on friday!


Anonymous said...

This is great!! Hahahaha - Avium Sativum (wind-gardium liviosa!)
Chilis look delicious and I am definitely looking forward to Nadia's recipe

- Sarah H.

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