'Can't Live Withouts': Favorite Appliances

The an avocado a day team is off to Mexico in two days and we could not be more excited to take a break from school!
As part of our next 'Can't Live Withouts' series of posts we are tackling our favorite kitchen appliances, or in Nadia's case her favourite non-kitchen appliance. Do you have a kitchen tool or appliance you just can't seem to live without? Please share and let us know in the comments! Continue reading to find out each of our favorite appliance. 

Christine can't live without her food processor:
I will admit that I have not been using my food processor for very long.  I actually did not realize that a food processor was different from a blender and decided to buy a cheap one ($30) just to test it out.  Since then, I have used it quite frequently for many different recipes, including the chocolate brownie and the chocolate avocado pudding.  I have definitely discovered that there are major differences between a blender and a food processor and have started to figure out when each is appropriate.  Right now, my mini food processor suits my needs, but I think I will be investing in a better one shortly down the road.  Here are some things that I could not have made without my food processor:

 Jamie can't live without his espresso maker:
Nothing is better than when that first sip of your morning espresso hits your lips, I look forward to it every day and truly don't think I could live without it. I use 100% organic freshly ground coffee beans and add only a splash of chocolate almond milk for a bit of extra flavor and creaminess. As far as my actual espresso maker goes, I use the Cafe Roma Espresso Machine by Breville. It is a high quality machine that is very reasonably priced. Although it requires a bit of extra work than making a regular cup of coffee, the strong taste and crema that comes along with a good cup of espresso is so worth it. Check out Nadia's post on coffee and caffeine to learn more about it's health benefits!

Kate can't live without her Vitamix: 
My Vitamix is really the only appliance, besides my espresso machine, that I use everyday. As most of you know I start every day with a smoothie and sometimes I end my day with one too. The Vitamix is an expensive blender but it works amazingly and puts all other blenders to shame. It will basically blend anything you put in it. It can be used to make both cold and hot meals. I use it to make:
  • Coconut ice cream (recipe coming in the near future!)
  • Nut and grain flours
  • Raw nut milks
  • Natural peanut/almond/cashew/jungle peanut butters
  • Hummus 

Nadia can’t live without her humidifier:  
Canadian winters are dry and cold; something my skin and nose are not too fond of!  As soon as the temperature starts dropping I make sure to get my trusty humidifier out.  Dry air combined with the heat that gets pumped into our homes during colder months can be extremely irritating to our moisture loving skin and mucous membranes.  Humidifiers can help soothe dryness, irritation or itchiness in the nose, nasal passages, sinuses, mouth, throat and eyes. They also help prevent nose bleeds in those prone to them when their nose gets dried out.  The Mayo Clinic also explains how humidifiers help prevent and treat colds and flus by limiting or eliminating viruses and bacteria that thrive in dry air. They also help to increase good mucous secretions. I like to add a little bit of eucalyptus oil when I feel a bit congested, it gives it that extra anti-microbial kick. Give it a try!

The an avocado a day team


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