Green Juice Ice Cubes

We all know that vegetables are good for us. Having 7-9 servings of vegetables a day will help our bodies ward off all kinds of chronic disease and illness. Yet a lot of us still struggle to maintain that high level of veggie intake. It has been one of my missions to figure out easy ways to incorporate more greens and vegetables into my diet. Check out my previous post on how to up your greens intake.

Today I've got one more great idea to add to the list. Having fresh greens on hand at all times for smoothies can be difficult and sometimes even wasteful. It's happened to me countless times that my kale or spinach goes bad before I get around to using it.

Making a super concentrated green juice (with kale, collards, spinach and dandelion) then freezing it in ice cube trays  is a great way to add a kick of veggies to your smoothies without the hassle of always having greens on hand. It's as simple as buying 3-4 bushels of greens, making one big batch of juice then freezing it into convenient individual use cubes. I add about 3-4 cubes to my daily smoothie and am really happy with how convenient it has been. Unfortunately, you do need a juicer to make these green juice ice cubes and ideally a juicer that is good at juicing leafy greens. For more info on what juicer is best for your needs check out my post, Juicing 101.

I am always recommending daily smoothies to patients because they are a easy and simple way to up your intake of high quality and nutritious food. They also make you feel positive towards starting your day off with something nutritious and healthy. For some great smoothie recipes check out our smoothie post.
I'll be sure to continue posting about my latest and greatest strategies for increasing your vegetable intake. Until then, try something new and take another step towards a healthier life.



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