Recipe: Lemon and Artichoke Halibut

It's that time of the year again...detox time! I am a fan of doing semi-annual detoxes (first when winter turns into spring and secondly when summer turns into fall). I am the first to admit that this year's semi-annual detox is starting off a little late (sorry!). Visiting family during Thanksgiving and being wrapped up with patients has really made the fall season fly by.

So what is so great about lemons, artichokes and halibut for detoxing?

  • Contain unique flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties
  • Contain vitamin C (great for warding off colds and flus!)
  • Improve liver function  

  • Contains tryptophan
  • Contains Omega 3 fatty acids, which can increase HDL (the 'good' cholesterol) and lower LDL (the 'bad' cholesterol)
  • Lowers triglycerides (form of fat carried in your bloodstream)
  • When choosing halibut try to get Pacific wild halibut as it is the best choice; Atlantic halibut is not recommended.
  • Check the sustainability and environmental impact of your fish choice on

  • Artichokes contain cynarin, which improves liver function and aids in lowering cholesterol.

(Adapted from Delicous Detox: fast and easy recipes to boost energy and improve health by Carol Morley, Naturopathic Doctor)


  • 4 tablespoons coconut oil or any other heat stable oil (not olive oil)
  • 2 halibut fillets
  • 1-2 tsp ground pepper
  • 1 can artichoke hearts cut into quarters or 15oz fresh or frozen artichoke hearts 
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 small lemon sliced as thinly as possible 
  • 4 sprigs fresh oregano or 1 tablespoon dried 


  1. Preheat oven to 350F
  2. In a large pan saute 2 tablespoons coconut oil over medium-high heat
  3. Grind the pepper over the halibut fillets 
  4. Place the fillets flesh side (not skin side) down on the pan and cook for about 4-5 minutes.
  5. Place fish in a shallow baking pan and bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes; until the fish is cooked. 
  6. While the fish is in the oven: In the saute pan add the artichokes and water and cook for 5 minutes 
  7. Add the lemon slices, oregano and 2 tablespoons of oil. Bake for another 5 minutes; add any other spices or more of the above listed if desired.
  8. Remove the halibut from the oven and pour the artichoke and lemon mixture over top.


Please let me know your thoughts on the recipe and any changes you may have made.  


Morley, Carol.  Delicous Detox: Fast and easy recipes to boost energy and improve health. (2010). Otterville Press: Mississauga, ON.


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