Thanksgiving Ideas

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving from the An Avocado A Day team! As much as we would like Thanksgiving to represent gratitude for all that we have, it has become more affiliated with the crazy amounts of calorie-laden food that shows up on the table.  Looking for healthier or lower calorie options for some of your favorite Thanksgiving classics?  Look no further!  Here are some substitutes for classic Thanksgiving dishes...

  1. Cauliflower mash:  Instead of mashed potatoes, consider our cauliflower mash recipe.  Not wanting to give up on the potatoes yet?  Use half and half for a low cal dish that tastes the same.  If you don't say anything, no one will even know!
  2. Sweet potato and and apple mash:  Want to switch up the sweet potato mash?  Follow Kate's recipe to switch up the old mash.  Add some chopped pecans or walnuts on top to kick it up.
  3. Warm beet, fennel, walnut, and goat cheese salad:  Looking for an interesting salad to impress your guests?  This is a great warm salad that will definitely leave your guests wanting more.  Use as a topper on a bed of spinach or eat on its own.

If you have an abundance of leftovers, check out these recipes:

  1. Turkey chili:  Use leftover turkey meat instead of ground turkey in Jamie's turkey chili recipe.  Freeze and have lunches for days!
  2. Stuffed bell peppers:  The great thing about stuffed bell peppers is that you can put just about anything in there.  Use leftovers such as turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes (or cauliflower!), sweet potatoes, stuffing, etc instead of the ingredients in the stuffed bell pepper recipe.  Cover with some gravy and create a new meal with leftovers.
  3. Don't forget about the classic leftover ideas like using turkey on salads, making turkey soups with any leftover veggies, and open faced sandwiches.  Use lots of veggies to make the leftovers as healthy as possible.  
To make sure that holiday eating doesn't continue for weeks, consider freezing the leftovers in single portions and eating occasionally for a longer period of time.  Lastly, Thanksgiving dinner tends to be heavy on starches (mashed potatoes, stuffing, bread, etc) so consider eating a large plate of veggies or a salad before moving onto the main.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

The An Avocado A Day team


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