Clinic Review: The Integrated Health Institute

Finding a good naturopathic clinic in Toronto isn’t a hard thing to do, but finding a “great” one is. I recently had the pleasure of spending the day at one such “great” clinic while shadowing Dr. Meghan Walker ND at the Integrative Health Institute, located at King and Sherborune in downtown Toronto. The IHI really stood out to me because they have such a great mix of health care practioners which all really line up with my philosophy of medicine. Their staff consists of four naturopathic doctors along with chiropractors, an osteopath, several registered massage therapists as well as a meditation therapist. They even have a yoga instructor, doula, and a lifestyle coach.
Dr. Meghan Walker, HBSC, ND
Although many other clinics in the city have a similar integrated approach, the IHI really offers the real deal when it comes to integrative medicine. Group conferences are a common occurrence there, involving discussions between practitioners about patient cases. This assures that cases are looked at by the clinic as a whole and even though you may only be seeing one practitioner, your case is being reviewed by three to four different practitioners across different specialties. I couldn’t think of a greater way to assure the best possible care for your patients. 

Another great aspect of the IHI is that they offer weekly in house seminars done by practitioners of the clinic. These seminars range from how to properly lose weight, to information on supporting a healthy pregnancy. This really shows how the IHI is dedicated to public health and educating the public on important health issues. Visit to check out topics and times for their latest seminars. On top of all this, all of the staff are incredibly kind and welcoming and the clinic itself is absolutely stunning. The comforting eco-chic design would make anyone feel relaxed and at home. There is no doubt that the IHI is the ideal place to begin your journey to optimal health and wellness.

Be sure to check out the IHI website at for more information on the clinic and how you can become a patient. 

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