Recipe: Almond Milk

As most of you know I don't eat dairy so milk alternatives have always been a staple in my diet, especially almond milk. Recently I have been feeling adventurous in the kitchen and have been doing a lot of experimentation (almond chai banana cookies, raw vegan nut-free to come!). I have always wanted to make almond milk as the store bought ones have a lot of additives. So I attempted last week with cheese cloth and let me tell you, things did not go very smoothly. I obviously lack the finesse required to use a cheesecloth so I purchased a nut milk bag. This time around things went smoothly and simply. 

I recommend a high powered blender such as the Vitamix or Blendtec. I have been told you can use a food processor but I have yet to try that method - let me know if it works out for you!  If you don't have either then start with half the amount of water and blend and then add the other half of the water and blend again.

Ingredients: makes about 1L of almond milk & 2 cups almond pulp
1 cup almonds
4 cups filtered water 
1 pinch of sea salt 
1 nut milk bag or cheesecloth  

Optional add-ins for Almond Milk: 
2-4 medjool dates 
1 vanilla bean or 1/2-1tsp vanilla extract 
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1tsp-1tbsp raw cacao powder  

1. Soak the almonds overnight or for 6-8hours 
2. Rinse the almonds well and discard the almond-soaked water 
3. Put the rinsed almonds and 4 cups filtered water in the blender; blend on High for 1 minute
4. Place the nut milk bag over a large bowl and pour the almond milk over the bag into the bowl.
5. Squeeze the excess almond milk from the almond pulp (will take about 2-5 minutes) 
6. Rinse out the blender and pour the almond milk back in and add in the sea salt and anything else you desire (I used 1 vanilla bean and 1/2tsp cinnamon)  
7. Voila! Homemade almond milk! Store in a glass container in the fridge. 

I would love to know your favorite almond milk recipe so please comment below!  

My next post will discuss what to do with the almond pulp as well as some recipes.

Best in health,



Fiona said...

Kate, I'm so impressed! I'll totally be trying this out. Where did you get your nut milk bag?

Kate Kokoski said...

Hi Fiona,

I ordered it from - please let me know how your nut milk making goes!


Peony said...

Thanks for your recipe

Krim Penghilang Flek Hitam Membandel said...

dirumah banyak almond. mau deh saya cobain bikin resep ini

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